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Our 1st car processed through our partnership with Louisa County Public Schools and the Louia CTE Program. We were able to give this car to a mother in need.

Lake Anna Connections

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CBS News Story

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PER Radio 90.5

Giving words was interviewed by PER Radio. Check it out Below!

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What we have been up too:

How You Can Help

VOLUNTEER your talents that would bless young mothers, such as cooking, home organization, home and car maintenance, and budgeting

DONATE funds to help our ministry and you could be providing:

1. $25.00 - Baby Wipes                              2. $50.00 - Baby Diapers

3. $75.00 - Groceries                                   4. $100.00 - Car Repair Assistance Program

5. $150.00 - Stroller, Funiture, Etc.            6. $200.00 - Specific needs tailored to mother and child

We are currently working on a storage space to accept donated items. At this time we are unable to accept items such as strollers, etc.

Car Donations Welcome

Giving Words is a 501c3 and donations are tax deductable.